Christmas Day surprise from Chicago police officers for West Pullman family who lost child to gun violence

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Chicago police officer rallied the community to provide a full Christmas celebration to a family who lost a child to gun violence this year.

On Christmas morning, a special group of Santa's helpers delivered bags of gifts to one West Pullman family; toys for little 6-year-old Josie Watts and 11-year-old Hannah Bell, plus Tawana Watts' other three children.

And for mom, they presented a plaque to remember her sixth child, Brein Metts, who she said was shot and killed in Peoria in the spring. He was 22.

Watts, a youth program coordinator, has been reeling in the months since.

"When my son was killed, I kind of backpedaled and felt like I should not be working with children if I couldn't save my own," she said.

But eventually, Watts said she used that loss to propel her work, focusing so much on other families' children she realized she wasn't prepared for her own family's holidays.

"What happened with her son, and then the pandemic, and then the civil unrest that we've been dealing with in this country, so Thanksgiving didn't go too well for her," said Officer Kenneth Griffin.

Griffin learned about Watts' loss and told her not to worry about Christmas; he'd take care of it. And with the help of fellow Chicago police officers and community donations, Griffin followed through. Friday he delivered toys, household supplies and Christmas dinner for the entire family.

"We have to start showing way more love than we have in previous years," Griffin said.

"You take care of God's business," Watts said. "He will take care of your business and so this is the proof of that."
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