Chicago police save Christmas for Englewood family after mom's ex-boyfriend steals gift money

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago police officers saved Christmas for an Englewood family after a woman's ex-boyfriend stole all her Christmas gift money.

The officer who responded to Taneshia Williams after she reported the theft enlisted fellow cops to make sure there were gifts under the tree.

For Williams and her 5-month-old son Kenneth, just knowing someone cares is gift enough. The mother and son nearly had their Christmas stolen when Williams said her estranged ex-boyfriend stole the money she had set aside for Kenneth's gifts.

"I felt like I was being tested. I felt like I was... I was hurt. I'm still hurt from it," she said.

She filed a report with the Chicago Police Department's 7th District, and when officers heard what happened they knew they had to do something. So they dug into their pockets to save Christmas for the young family.

"I have kids, you know, and I could never imagine anybody not being able to give Christmas presents to their children," said Officer Heuer.

The cops even managed to get a Target store in Oak Lawn to chip in. Now Kenneth is getting a much-needed walker and safety gate, as well as a lesson in caring.

"It's not about what you can give. It's all about standing together. Being one. And when I woke up this morning, I did not expect this. I didn't. And I thank you," Williams said.

"You know, this is just really no different than any other police officer would do," said Heuer.

This Christmas, Taneshia is at a turning point. She said she signed up for school next month to make a better life for her and Kenneth, and this act of generosity has only strengthened her resolve.
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