Eating too much healthy food has downsides, nutrition experts say

Some nutrition experts say there is such a thing as eating too much healthy food.

Foods with beta carotene, the orange pigment plentiful in vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes, supply the body with vitamin A and help fight cell damage.

But too much beta carotene can cause your skin to turn an orange color.

Many fruits and vegetables are packed with fiber, as are beans and whole grains. But upping your fiber intake too much, too soon, can cause gas and bloating.

Too much fiber overall may also block the absorption of some nutrients.

"It's always best to get your fiber from foods that contain it naturally," Consumer Reports Health Editor Jesse Hirsch said. "Foods that are fortified with fiber may be more likely to cause stomach upset."

Meat, chicken, fish and tofu contain protein, although too much protein can not only stress the kidneys and liver, but may increase the risk of osteoporosis, too.

For most people, eating three servings of protein-rich foods daily, including non-meat items like yogurt and quinoa, is enough to maintain good health.
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