Coast Guard rescues woman in sailboat in Lake Michigan

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015
The U.S. Coast Guard rescue of a woman whose boat ran aground in Lake Michigan was captured on video.

STRAITS OF MACKINAC (WLS) -- A 65-year-old woman was rescued Tuesday morning when her sailboat ran aground in Lake Michigan between Michigan's Upper and Lower peninsulas.

The woman, of Richland, Mich., was in a 35-foot sailing vessel and part of the Chicago to Mackinac Island Solo Sailing Challenge.

The U.S. Coast Guard got the distress call early Tuesday morning and sent a helicopter to where she ran aground near Round Island, Mich.

The pilot dropped a rescue swimmer, who was able to reach the woman and carry her safely to shore. She was taken to Mackinac County Straits Hospital for evaluation.

Coast Guard officials said the woman was prepared for an emergency as she had a marine-band radio and cold-water gear.

"This case may have had a different outcome had the skipper not been as prepared as she was," said Lt. Ludwig Gazvoda, command duty officer at the Sector Sault Ste. Marie Command Center.