Common stars in 'Smallfoot', a film about listening to your own voice

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The new animated adventure "Smallfoot" just debuted as one of the top two movies at the box office over the weekend.

Chicago's own Common brought one of the characters to life with his voice, and he doesn't even have to sing!

In the film, a whole village is frantic after young Migo discovers a human - when people were supposed to be make believe.

Common plays the Stonekeeper, a Yeti leader.

"I think my friends are going to be really surprised when they see me as the Stonekeeper in 'Smallfoot.' I think they're going to be like, 'Wow. OK. This dude got a little something to him, even in animated films,'" Common said. "I mean, they didn't start calling me Stonekeeper yet, but they will."

Common aims to send a message with his art. This film is no different.

"The message I got from our story was that you have to be able to listen to your own voice and yourself and be true to what you know, no matter what the masses are telling you," Common said.

Common is internationally known and has won a ton of awards, but coming home grounds him.

"Oh man, it's that blanket - that warm blanket that's around my body. Chicago is... Coming home to Chicago is like walking into my home. I just love the people, I love our city," Common said. "I feel proud - proud in seeing what Chicagoans are accomplishing and proud to be from here."

"Smallfoot" opened in theaters last Friday.
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