4 Star Chicagoan: Larry Roberts teaches inmates to cut hair

CHICAGO -- This week's 4 Star Chicagoan made history by opening the first ever Barber College inside Cook County Jail. Larry Roberts is teaching inmates a trade that will help them build a career once released.

Larry started cutting hair at the age of 13 in his parent's basement. After completing Barber College, at the age of 18, he opened the first Larry's Barber Shop. Larry relocated his barber shop to the south side of Chicago to provide a quality location and services in an under-served community. In 2004, Larry opened his first barber college in Chicago, and then went on to open 2 more locations.

Larry and his team then made history by opening the first barber college inside Cook County Department of Corrections. This was the first if its kind and many did not believe that it would work. The barber college inside Cook County Jail does not receive any monetary compensation, so Larry decided to start a non-profit foundation that provides resources and finances for the Jail program and this college. He takes his services to Cook County jail for free, where he offers training to inmates, so they have a trade once released.

For more information on Larry's Barber College, visit larrysbarbercollege.com.