Breaking through the wall of marathon running

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Runners are heading to the starting line in Chicago as the Bank of America Chicago Marathon returns on October 8, 2017.

But before the race, runners are getting expert tips; with the help of Fleet Feet Sports. The company is hosting its "Breaking Through the Wall" program on September 24, 2017 at the Second City Up Theatre.

The event is sold out. Two-time Olympic marathon runner, and the first American to medal at the World Championships in 34 years, Amy Cragg dropped the ABC 7 State Street Studios along with John Moloznik from Fleet Feet Sports to give a few expert tips for runners. Here are just a few of things that can help on race day:
1. Trust what you have practiced and don't try anything new on race day! Stick with what has worked for you. Fueling, shoes, warm up- keep it the same. If you want to test something new try it in the workouts and long runs leading up to the marathon.

2. Don't think about running the entire marathon well- thats a daunting task and one small thing can derail it. Instead think of all the small things you can do one at a time that can lead to a great marathon. Only worry about the task at hand.

3. There are few things more exciting than the start of race which is great- that excitement can lead to amazing things but only when used properly. It's easy to let your emotions get the better of you and go out to fast- don't do it! Harness that energy and use it when you really need it later in the race and remember- the first 20 miles are the first half of the race and the last 6.2 are the last half!

4. Keep in mind that there are always good miles and always bad miles and you have no idea in which order they will come. So even if you're going through a bad mile don't lose hope and keep pushing through because there just might be a good mile right around the corner.

Fleet Feet Sports- Chicago's "Breaking Through The Wall" Marathon Preparation Seminar

September 24, 2017
11:00 a.m.
230 W North Avenue (Second City Up Theatre/Piper's Alley)
Admission/ Ticket Prices: Sold Out

For more information, visit
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