Chicago police officers honored for actions on duty

CHICAGO (WLS) -- An emotional celebration of bravery this Wednesday afternoon as Chicago police officers honored were for their actions on duty, and some for making the ultimate sacrifice.

In front of hundreds of their brothers and sisters in blue, dozens of the bravest in the Chicago Police Department take the stage as they were honored for their tough calls that made a difference.

That included Officer Annie Rose, who received the Tactical Excellence Award.

"For actually not shooting someone who had a gun, what looked like a gun," Rose said. "We actually didn't shoot him but we could have because he had a, it turned out to be not a real gun, but a pellet gun."

Officer Julio Ruiz was another honored, for his split second decision to disarm a violent man.

"I went in there and grabbed the gun in his waistband. He had it tucked in," Ruiz said. "He was trying to grab it. Had his finger on the trigger. I grabbed it pulled back and told the other officers I was clear."

Recognized for their valor, the wives of four men who laid down their lives for the city of Chicago accepted honors in their stead to standing ovations.

The wife of Officer Samuel Jimenez received the highest CPD accolade on behalf of her late husband, the Medal of Honor, for his heroism during the Mercy Hospital shooting.

"Just the amazing strength that she's shown during this whole time frame, it just gives me a lot of pride to be able to honor her husband in this manner," Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.

And a new award was presented in fallen Commander Paul Bauer's name to the man who served under him.

"This is an award that truly does not belong to any one person. This doesn't belong to me. This was a very, very tragic situation and the community and the police department came together to get through it," Commander Melvin Roman said.
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