Evanston girl holds bake sale to raise money for breast cancer after mother's diagnosis

EVANSTON, Ill. (WLS) -- A 10-year-old girl is on a mission to help women diagnosed with breast cancer after her mother was diagnosed seven months ago.

Olivia Ohlson started raising money for breast cancer patients with pink lemonade and pink ribbon cookie bake sales after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in March.

"My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this spring and I wanted to raise money for other people like my mom," said Olivia.

Doctors found breast cancer in both of Ohlson's breasts - this type of diagnosis is rare, but her case was caught early. After a double mastectomy, her medical team told her the odds of survival are very good, so she's undergoing chemotherapy and possibly radiation in the future.

"I have a strong faith and I think having a daughter you want to remain as positive as possible," said Ohlson.

Olivia was able to get local Evanston bakeries Tag's Bakery and Beth's Little Bake Shop to donate some cookies, and she bakes the rest with the help of her grandmother. She recently delivered $4,000 to the Northshore Kellogg Cancer Center.

"It makes me feel excited to see if more people will donate to help the breast cancer patients," said Olivia.

She plans to hold another bake sale next Sunday outside her home, with hopes of reaching her $7,000 goal.

For more information about Olivia's bake sale, visit foundation.northshore.org/OliviaOhlsonKCC.
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