Fallen Chicago police officers honored at National Peace Officers' Memorial Service

WASHINGTON (WLS) -- For the 38th year in a row, our nation remembered the fallen police officers who sacrificed their lives to protect their communities at the Annual National Peace Officers' Memorial Service.

Four of those officers were from Chicago.

Today, their families experienced a national outpouring of love and support.

Thousands of police officers from across the nation lined up and saluted as the families of the fallen from throughout the U.S. walked slowly into the capitol grounds.

Among them, 470 were Chicago police officers standing in support of Commander Paul Bauer, Officer Eduardo Marmolejo, Officer Samuel Jimenez, and Officer Conrad Gary. All were killed in the line of duty.

As their comrades paid tribute to them as part of National Police Week, President Trump delivered the keynote address outside the U.S. Capitol.

"To all of the families of our fallen officers, our whole country is praying for you, embracing you, and pledging to you that we will never ever leave your side," said President Donald Trump.

Those Chicago families visited the National Law Enforcement Memorial this week, where their children carefully sketching the names of their fathers etched in stone. As Maria Marmolejo told ABC 7's Liz Nagy, she survived her first Mother's Day without her husband.

"Sometimes, I have my moments when I think, 'am I going to be good enough for them? Am I gonna be enough for them?' And I think that's the hardest," she said. "I have the responsibility of raising three strong women, and I know I will be able to, because that's just the
type of person he wanted me to be and he loved me the most at those moments."

That burden is not on her alone, as Officer Samuel Jimenez' widow Crystal knows.

"I'm not in it by myself. We relate so much. We talk about our husbands all the time and it's comforting," Jimenez said. "He made me become the woman I am today. Always pushing me to be better, always telling me everything is going to be ok."

There are smiles along with the tears, too, as Officer Conrad Gary's parents Mike and Kim think of their son and granddaughter.

"She'll know exactly who he was," Kim Gary said.

"That's our job. That's our job," her husband Mike agreed.
"We come together to pay tribute to the American peace officers who made supreme sacrifice, all in the line of duty," Trump said. "In many cases, for people they never met. For people they didn't know."

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