Annual Race for the Cure brings hope to those with breast cancer

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Each year men and woman lace up their shoes and race for a cure at the 22nd annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K.

This iconic event takes on the task of raising money to make a change.

"I'm so grateful for the research and development that Komen has supported, because every year it just seems like well, that ones, we've run out of that treatment plan. So we have to go on to the next and I am grateful to know there is another plan," said Elaine Price who is fighting cancer.

This year Cub's superstar and cancer survivor Anthony Rizzo is the honorary chair of the race in Chicago, leading the parade with his mother Laurie by his side.

Chicago donates 75 percent of net funds raised to community grants and dedicates 25 percent to global research.

"Every dollar that we get goes right back into the community to go back to direct services to those in need, and to help fuel and find a cure for the disease. It goes towards research. Without these people here we would not be able to fight this disease like we do every day," said Susan G. Komen community programs director Aminah Abdullah.

15 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each day just here in Chicago, so this race is extremely important to these participants

The goal for this year's race is to raise $400,000.

If you would like to donate to the cause, visit the Susan G. Komen website.
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