Chicago construction company lends a helping hand to damaged businesses for free

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Chicago construction company has been working all across the city to help businesses during this really challenging time in the city.

Chiquita Hull, owner of OW2 Construction and Design, said she was crushed when she saw the destruction that was caused in some of Chicago's most vulnerable communities, so she got her crew together and decided it was time to get to work.

Hull said she took a drive around the city and knew she had to do something to help. She made a post on Instagram asking businesses to reach out if they need help.

She said she got messages from across the country from businesses that needed help boarding up. She realizes she can't help everyone, but she is just trying to do her part to help rebuild free of charge.

"I want to contribute to the community that contributed to my growth," Hull said. "I can honestly say when I was growing up, there were a lot of programs and things that the community poured into me that contributed to my success today and everything isn't about monetary value. Sometimes you have to reach and that's what a lot of people need right now. It's not about the monetary value that is associated with it. Our city is recovering right now and with the help of everybody, we will be able to get back soon."

One of the businesses that reached out for help was the Sage Room. The owner Kenny Johnson said another one of his businesses was vandalized, so he called OW2 in to help protect the one that is still standing.

"I called and the next thing I know she was here in minutes," Johnson said. "She has been unbelievable. I know she has helped a number of businesses on the South Side and all for free."

Not only is her business helping board up, Hull is also returning to those same businesses to take down the plywood and get businesses prepared for their reopening.
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