VIDEO: Corgi pulls one over on coyote

Friday, December 21, 2018
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A California family's doorbell camera caught their corgi pulling one over on a coyote.

Nature got a little too close for comfort for one California family.

Video from their doorbell camera shows a coyote chasing their corgi, Arlo, through the front yard.

But Arlo turned the tables on the coyote when the 30-pound dog took off after the wild animal.

"Horrified me! Horrified me really. I wasn't proud I wasn't thinking like oh isn't he great," owner Claire Reader told KFMB , He's going to handle this. No it was more like, you dummy!"

"I set up a defensive posture trying to corral my dog, who's not very obedient," said Reader.

Thankfully, Claire's husband was able to get Arlo inside. The coyote wasn't seen again, and after the video was shared online, Arlo has become a bit of a celebrity.