Screen time burnout tips from

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Thursday, November 19, 2020
Screen time burnout tips from
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All this screen time burning you out? It also can affect your health too! We get tips to avoid screen time burnout from Dr. Arpit Patel.

This segment is produced with and sponsored by Edward Elmhurst Health.

In the age of COVID-19, screen time is not a luxury, but a necessity. How do we unplug and avoid screen time burnout? Dr. Arpit Patel from the Edward Medical Group chats with Ryan about these great tips to avoid the burnout.

  • Limit screen time before going to bed - Aim to unplug an hour before going to bed. Instead of scrolling through your social media feeds, unwind by reading a book or doing a puzzle.
  • Support your body - Look for an ergonomic chair that will provide good back and arm support. You can further support your body by giving it regular breaks from your screens. For example, while eating meals, stay away from your TV and phone.
  • Find other ways to connect - Most of us are in the habit of texting or sending instant messages. The next time you want to connect with a loved one, pick up the phone and give them a call. If it's possible to do so safely and socially distanced, you might also try meeting in person for a walk or outdoor coffee break.
  • Take care of yourself - Eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise can go a long way toward feeling your best.
  • Change your lighting - Add a blue light filter to your laptop and mobile device. You might also consider changing the font size so your eyes don't have to strain to focus as well as lowering screen brightness or using "night shift" mode that displays warmer colors at nighttime.
  • Blink frequently

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