Chicago recording studio helps local musicians create music, make money amid COVID-19

CHICAGO (WLS) -- COVID-19 presents an entirely new challenge for musicians but one music studio is helping to ease the burden.

"Recording studios are a place of community and collaboration, then knowing that a shelter in place order or a communicable disease would really wreak havoc on how we work and how records are created," said Michael Kolar, owner of Soundscape Studios. "Touring is shut down, venues are

shut down. I'm seeing so many of my clients just at home with no income opportunities, and I felt providing this service at this critical time for Chicago was just my way of kinda helping the Chicago music community out."

Kolar decided he could help musicians make money they desperately need by offering his studio and services for free.

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"Giving free mastering services for them so they can get their record on Spotify or Tidal, and start getting some income generated, I think is the best thing we can do right now with all the uncertainties," he said.

Kolar has been in the Chicago music scene for many years and hopes that what he's doing can make a difference in the community.

"Soundscape is 23-years-old. I've been doing this since I was in high school, this is all I know," Kolar said. "This community has given me so much thus I don't want to see it get wiped out. Without the Chicago music community, this is virtually irrelevant."

He also wants to inspire others out there to help the Chicago music community during this chaotic time.

"Everyone needs to help in the best way they can. We gotta keep the Chicago scene going because I don't think people really understand how far reaching it is and how many people are impacted by this," he said.

When words fail, music speaks.

"Even in this scary time, we need to take this opportunity. Let's make music. Let's put something on peoples' streams or timeline or social media that can give them some joy, some happiness, and some distraction from the harsh realities of the world these days," Kolar said.
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