Gov. Cuomo extends stay-at-home order as parts of New York reopen amid COVID-19 pandemic

NEW YORK -- Those in the New York City area looking to get out this weekend, now have the option of going to tennis clubs that can reopen.

But that is about all they can do.

Thursday night, Gov. Andrew Cuomo extended the stay-at-home order through May 28 for many parts of the state, from Albany through the Hudson Valley to New York City and Long Island.

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Five other regions began their phased reopenings at midnight Friday, when the New York pause order expired.

Those regions have achieved the governor's seven metrics to begin Phase One.

They can begin reopening the more essential and lower-risk businesses, like construction and manufacturing.

"You have to reopen intelligently and you have to reopen in a calibrated way," said Cuomo on Thursday. "Nobody says, 'Don't reopen.' They say, 'Be intelligent about the way you reopen. Follow the data. Follow the science. Follow the facts. Follow the metrics.'"

When it comes to New York City, Long Island and the mid-Hudson Valley region, they have yet to reach the needed metrics to reopen.

Long Island actually fell backwards. At one time they had met five of the seven metrics. Now they only have four, as too many people remain in the hospital.
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