Tips for getting the most out of trips to the grocery store

If you're suddenly making three meals a day plus snacks for your stay-at-home family, that can get costly and tiring.

How many times did you go to the grocery store or place an order online this month? Chances are, it's more than this time last year.

"It could get costly if you're not careful and strategic about how you shop," said money expert Tobie Stanger. "So, your kid wants all these things, you want to keep them happy but be careful about what you're buying."

Money experts say before heading out to the grocery store, see what you have in your cabinets first. Some staples like beans, tuna and other non-perishables can really come in handy and can save your money.

Make a list before placing a grocery order online or heading out to the store.

During these stressful times, you may be tempted to load up on sweets and comfort foods.

"And that can have an impact not just on your wallet but on your waistline," Stanger said.

Whitney Stuart, a dietician nutritionist ,says now is the time to get creative with foods that are in your cabinet and other flavors that'll give your food the boost they need

"That extra work is now on parents and so looking for quick and simple options that are also nutrient, that's something that we're looking for," Stuart said.

She says spices can really help transform your meals and also make sure you're still eating your veggies.

"Frozen foods are just as nutritious as fresh," Stuart said. "Whether they're canned or fresh or frozen, it's so important to feed my body good fuel so that I can continue to boost my immunity."

Health experts say that if you use canned foods from your pantry, consider that they can be high in sodium, so pair them with unprocessed foods when possible, like frozen fruits or veggies.

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