Costco polish dog fans start petition to get it back on menu

Angry Costco food court patrons have taken to the internet to bring back the beloved polish dog combo.

The big box store took the menu item away from some of its locations and added healthier options like an acai bowl and organic burger. Customers immediately reacted on social media, some begging for its return and others calling for a boycott of Costco.

Now, a petition on is gaining speed to bring back the food combo. The description reads, "Costco warehouses have begun to discontinue one of the most popular items in the history of Costco - the Polish Dog Combo. Sorry, the Hot Dog does not "cut the mustard". Please bring it back. We promise to eat more of them!"

Currently, the petition stands at 162 signatures of the 200 signature goal.

Time will only tell if Costco will get out of the dog house with these customers.
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