Downers Grove Commissioner Rich Kulovany shares COVID-19 survival story

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (WLS) -- After nearly 100 days in the hospital battling COVID-19, Rich Kulovany of Downers Grove is still taking small steps towards a full recovery.

"They were fairly certain that I was not going to wake up," said Kulovany.

The normally healthy man was not sure if he was going to pull through.

"I prayed, God, if you want to take me home to heaven, I am ready. If you want me to stay here on Earth, intervene in a big way," recalled Kulovony.

Back in December, the 69-year-old husband, father and grandpa was diagnosed with the virus.

"First if felt like a sinus infection," said Kulovany.

On Christmas Eve, Kulovany, who is also a Downers Grove Village Commissioner, thought he was in the clear.

Hours later, he was intubated and put in a medically-induced coma.

"This whole COVID thing is Russian roulette. You do not know how many bullets are in the chamber and which one is going to take you out," said Kulovany.

He is back home now but still dealing with the effects of the virus like exhaustion and inflammation. Simple tasks are draining.

"I can get to a certain point but then have to sit down and rest," said Kulovany.

He said he's sharing his story to encourage others to stay vigilant and to get vaccinated.

"Why would you take a chance?" asked Kulovany.
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