'COVID fatigue' blamed for second surge in coronavirus cases; Chicago health experts warn people not to let their guard down

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Seven months into the pandemic and Illinois residents say they're suffering from a bad case of COVID-19 fatigue.

"My coworkers and I were having the conversation about the fact that we have been letting our guard down," said Chicago resident Denise McLaurin.

People letting their guard down has led to the second surge of cases, according to Chicago health officials. And the coldest and hardest months are still ahead.

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"With any lifestyle change we see difficulty sustaining it, it is not sustainable," said Dr. Mark Loafman of Cook County Health.

Loafman suggests the best way for people to mentally live through a pandemic during the winter months is to reframe it from a hardship to community service.

"This is volunteer community service work, we are all doing to take care of one another that should make us feel good it should make us want to do that more," said Loafman.

While living with COVID-19 and staying diligent may be draining, doctors want to remind people the country is much further along than it was a few months ago. There is now more testing, better treatments and a vaccine is right around the corner
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