Thanksgiving 2020 will be different, as officials plead with people to stay home

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Thanksgiving 2020 will be a holiday like no other. With COVID-19 infections surging nationwide, officials and experts are pleading with the public to stay home for the holiday and not gather with anyone outside of their homes, regardless of tradition.

"When you are not having people over into your home, when you're wearing your mask, when you are social distancing, these are the most important things that help us protect Chicago," said Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Allison Arwady.

"I think we have to have a little patience with ourselves and others, and give everybody a little latitude right now, because we are all not feeling the same way about this," said Al Gini, retired professor of business ethics at the Loyola Quinlan School of Business.

Gini acknowledged the challenge of approaching discussions about putting traditional holiday celebrations on hold for a year.

"I think we have to understand here that the disease is the enemy, not each other, and we have to give each other a little space right now," he said. "I think we have to say to each other, this is extreme, this is an exception to the rule, we are breaking our patterns because it's in the best interest of everyone."

And he suggested taking a light tone of possible.

"We think it's in our family's best interest if we don't get together this year and don't take the risk; you'll still get the gifts, OK?'" he offered as an example. "You have to look for a moment of humor, you have to find something you can bring to the table that starts the conversation with a little laughter and maybe then you can laugh at the situation itself."

Having these conversations may be tough now, but hopefully allow for more open gatherings next holiday season, as well as keep those you love safe to be able to celebrate in the future.
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