COVID-19 vaccine Chicago: Little Village hospital encouraging teens to get vaccinated

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Saint Anthony Hospital in Little Village is encouraging teenagers to get their Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine shots.

"It'll protect the adults at home if the adolescents are protected. The other thing is in the last few months, we've seen a shift of COVID affecting younger and younger people," said Dr. Romeen Lavani, chief medical officer at Saint Anthony Hospital.

"They're large-sized families living together, and you know the adolescents are very much part of the family," Lavani said. "The community educators are from the community. They're hired from the community, and they go out into laundromats and churches and talk to people."

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The new outreach includes a DJ and a dancing mascot in order to connect with younger patients.

"Yeah it helps. I love the bear, the bear is funny," said Jazmin Fierra, who got vaccinated.

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Fierra, 17, said she originally planned to wait until she turns 18 to get a shot, but then she heard about Sunday's event at school.

"I just jumped on it. I live with a lot of little kids and my parents, who are kind of old, so it would be a lot more safer if I got the shot," Fierra said.

Saint Anthony Hospital said 150 teens signed up ahead of time, with walk-ins welcome for anyone 16 and older.
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