Cubs to face Colorado Rockies in NL Wild Card game Tuesday

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Chicago Cubs will face the Colorado Rockies in the NL Wild Card game Tuesday night at Wrigley Field for a chance to make into the National League Division Series playoffs.

The Cubs lost to the Milwaukee Brewers 3-1 during a tiebreaker game at Wrigley Field Monday afternoon.

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The Chicago Cubs will face the Colorado Rockies in the NL Wild Card game on Tuesday night at Wrigley Field.

The team will play the Rockies who lost their tiebreaker game against the LA Dodgers.

The Brewers have a break until the start of the NLDS playoffs on Thursday. They have home field advantage during NLDS.

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The Cubs will play in the NL Wildcard game Tuesday night. But what does that mean?

Though the Cubs lost today, they still finish the regular season with the second best record in the entire National League. The Brewers finish with the best record in the league.

Cubs fans remain hopeful for a win in Tuesday's Wild Card game despite losing the NL Division title.

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Chicago Cubs fans remain hopeful for a win in Tuesday's Wild Card game despite losing NL Division title to Milwaukee Brewers.

A day watching baseball, even when the Cubs lose, is still better than a day at work for most people.

One mom and her son skipped work and school for the rare opportunity to see the Cubs play the 163rd game of the regular season.

When asked if he was feeling well, Charlie Ticknor said no. But he said he's felt good enough to be at a Cubs game.

"Yeah, I'm not feeling well either. I emailed my boss and said I wasn't going to make it," said Anne Elkhart, Charlie's mother.

It was a good day to have the Blue flu if you were a Cubs fan.

The team even provided an excuse letter to your boss or principal. Just fill in the blanks. Renee Foley said she sent it to her boss. And did he buy it?

"Yeah, he's a Cubs fan," said Foley.

The Cubs provided some excitement for fans when they tied the game early. They were celebrating at Murphy's Bleachers.

"I think the Cubs are gonna get hot, they're going to get on a roll and I think if they're going to win it all," said Sam Campbell.

But today was not the day, as the Brewers came back strong. Cubs fans left the ballpark quietly knowing the road to another possible World Series will have to start with the Wild Card game. But most are still hopeful.

"We'll get 'em tomorrow. We'll get maybe the Dodgers or the Rockies. I ain't worried about it, we'll get 'em," said Cubs fan Deja Kendall.

Cubs fan Terry Calloway added, "Everybody starts out zero - zero starting tomorrow. Season's over with and now the playoffs really start."

Before the game started, the feeling around the ballpark Monday was electric.

"Hopefully it'll be a win also. Besides a huge game, I want it to be a win. We have faith in our Cubs," said Cubs fan Rene Lozano.

The Cubs lineup included second baseman Daniel Murphy leading off, followed by right fielder Ben Zobrist, then shortstop Javy Baez, first baseman Anthony Rizzo, third baseman Kris Bryant, left fielder Kyle Schwarber, centerfielder Jason Heyward, pitcher Jose Quintana and catcher Willson Contreras batting last.

The big tie-breaker game drew early morning diehards to the box office.

Dennis Conto left Grand Rapids, Michigan, at 2:30 a.m. to get to Wrigley Field so he could get in line for tickets after the Cubs beat St. Louis Sunday.

"For all of you Cardinals fans and to the one that told me that the acronym for Cubs is completely useless by September, we need to talk in an alley buddy," said Cubs fan Dennis Conto.

With the National League Central title up for grabs, a lot is on the line as the Cubs continue to re-write their history.

"This is the fourth consecutive year that we're going to the post season more than any other year in baseball in Cubs history this is quite historic," said Cubs Spokesperson Julian Green.

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The Cubs tweeted out a letter for you to give to work, excusing you from duty so you can cheer on the team.

One super fan texted his boss this morning so he could go to the Monday game.

"Oh it was very easy, I just texted and said not coming in today, I'm sick," said Cubs fan Rick Calatayud.

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Milwaukee Brewers fans are also hoping for a win Monday.

A lot of Milwaukee Brewers fans made the trip down to Chicago and also fired up for the game. They are of course wearing their Brewers gear and cheese head hats in Cubbie territory.

Brewers fans said the trains were packed this morning and, of course, they were also scrambling to get tickets to today's game.

"We got on last night, online last night. We had three computers going and an iPad and one phone trying to get tickets and we got our three tickets and obviously able to get off today and here we are," said Brewers fan Laurie Weber.

But Cubs fans are optimistic about Flying the W.

No matter what the outcome of the game is today, the Cubs will still get a spot in the playoffs, but Central Division champs certainly has a familiar ring to it.

Former Bears Coach Mike Ditka was scheduled to sing the 7th inning stretch.
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