Schwarber's home run ball now part of Cubs lore

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Many Cubs fans are still talking about rookie sensation Kyle Schwarber's home run. The ball went so far, some joked it would have landed in Lake Michigan if it wasn't for the Budweiser sign on top of the right field video board.

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"And Schwarber sends one high and deep, way back, and this ball is long gone!" said the announcer.

Kyle Schwarber's screamer of a home run almost dotted the "i" on Wrigley's Budweiser sign.

Schwarber's long ball was gone, until Chopper 7 spotted it just after the game atop the Budweiser beer sign.

Bartman, the Billy Goat, and now, the Kyle Schwarber ball. The rookie's moon shot is now part of Cubs lore.

"It was really something. It hit his bat, and people were kind of giggling, laughing, they couldn't believe what they just saw," said Ed Hartig, a Cubs historian.

The experts say it traveled 418.9 feet. Not the longest drive in Wrigley history, but it was the most accurate.

When Chopper7HD was back over Wrigley Wednesday morning, the ball was gone and superstitious Cubs fans began to worry.

"We don't believe in curses," said Julian Green, Cubs spokesperson.

Fear not Cub faithful, the team removed the ball to make sure it was Schwarber's shot then crews returned it to the same spot - now protected by plexiglass.

"It did have the post-season watermark on the ball. We retrieved the ball, verified that it was Schwarber's home run and decided as an organization: Why not leave it up there?" said Julian Green, Cubs spokesperson.

So on Wednesday afternoon, with a few fans looking on and Chopper7HD circling overhead, the team put the ball back in its rightful spot.

"That's a very positive symbol, it's a good luck charm," said Grant DePorter, Harry Caray's Chicago Sports Museum.

Collector, baseball buff and restaurateur Grant DePorter says that ball has value. Perhaps in the ballpark of the $50,000 paid for Paul Konerko's World Series Grand Slam.

"If they go all the way to the World Series, the value is going to go up and it could easily be that number," DePorter said.

At Sheffield Baseball Club, rooftop fans will have something new to see.

"We've been looking at it all day. It's something to add to the feel of Wrigley. It's great. It's going to get everyone fired up," said Ryan Manson, Sheffield Baseball Club.

"It's the legend and the truth, it's right there for everyone to see," Hartig said.

The Cubs said the ball will stay on top of the video board - under a plexiglass case - for the remainder of the season. Some fans say the team should auction it off for charity.

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