Cyber Monday 2022 deals on Apple Watch, TVs and more can entice, but watch out for scams

ByJason Knowles, Michelle Gallardo, and Ann Pistone WLS logo
Monday, November 28, 2022
Cyber Monday deals to find and scams to watch out for
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Cyber Monday 2022 offers great deals for Apple Watch, technology and clothing, but you also need to remain vigilant to avoid getting ripped off.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Cyber Monday 2022 offers some of the best bargains out there for items like the Apple Watch and TVs, but you also need to remain vigilant to avoid getting ripped off.

Adobe Analytics says consumers are expected to spend up to $11.6 billion on Cyber Monday.

Kristin McGrath, from the shopping blog Retail Me Not, said you can find mega savings on electronics like Apple watches at retailers like Target and Amazon.

"If you want the absolute newest version, you can get $50 off the series eight from a variety of retailers," she said. "If you're willing to go back to an older version, some retailers are offering about a $100 off the series."

And there are deep discounts on TVs, ranging from $100 to $200 off

"We're seeing some really good TV deals from Walmart and Target in particular," McGrath said. "In fact, some of the deals that we saw that popped up on Black Friday, we're seeing similar pricing for Cyber Monday. So if you missed out, or you were busy with your family, you got another chance."

And you can cash in on clothing.

"The Gap has a really generous sale going on for 50% off plus an extra 10% off on some items. So you know, you're essentially at the end of the day getting sixty percent off on your entire cart," said McGrath.

She also said to compare before you buy.

"Look for that extra promo code, look for that extra rewards offer. I look for that free gift card with purchase," she advised.

Experts say consumers could spend more than $11 billion on Cyber Monday 2022.

McGrath said if you can hold off on holiday decorations and toys, you will actually find better deals later on as merchants try to unload those items.

Meanwhile, consumer experts at the Chicago Better Business Bureau are alerting shoppers about Cyber Monday scams. Beware of fake websites which never deliver products and phishing links that try to lead you to fake deals or lure you into giving up personal information.

You should not shop on website after clicking on a strange link sent to you via text or email. Go to the website on your own.

Also make sure you are on the legitimate website by double checking the correct spelling of the business and look for the "https" in the address bar.

Spending on Cyber Monday may hit a new record as shoppers turn to their phones and computers in search of the latest deal.

"I've been looking for Christmas gifts for certain people that are right here and been using my phone mostly, but we're also browsing here and we are about to go to the American Girl doll store so we may find something good there too," said Chicago shoppers Julie Brienksnader.

"I've dabbled a little bit with the Cyber Monday shopping but you know, I like getting out here in person. Mom is here from out of town so might as well take them on Michigan Avenue," said Cameron Karatitz, shopper.

Illinois retailers report seeing increased in-store traffic across the board this past weekend, both on Thanksgiving Day, when most stores were closed, and on Black Friday.

"We're seeing growth both in brick and mortar and online demonstrating once again that the consumer wants a variety of options and they will exercise that variety of options. They will rarely shop one way," said Rob Karr, president of the Illinois Retail Merchants Association.

Inflationary pressures this year have also impacted how people shop, be it online or in person. As a result, retailers began advertising holiday sales weeks ago.

"There is some early evidence that shoppers are still, are looking for better deals if they can find them. They are holding back just a little bit just to see if they can find better deals on those items they want," Karr said.