Resurrection Project hosts DACA renewal clinic

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Resurrection Project hosted a DACA renewal clinic on Tuesday.

With news on Friday that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals would be restored, dozens of young people wanted to get their applications in Tuesday.

"There has been a lot people, very busy, but that's good because we're getting the message out that things may change at any minute they are taking action to make sure they are protected," said Erendira Rendon of the Resurrection Project.

Liliana Mondragon, 21, was among the first here for the clinic. The youth mentor, tutor and soon-to-be nursing student says her DACA ends next June, but she didn't want to wait to reapply.

"When you see the police drive by, its like are they going to come for us," said Mondragon. "It's really scary."

Her younger siblings were born in the U.S., but she was brought to Chicago when she was a baby, making her eligible for DACA. Tuesday, she will apply for a fourth DACA extension.

A legal challenge to DACA is expected Wednesday, so Resurrection staff will get at least forty renewal applications into Homeland Security by Wednesday.

"We are worried that Wednesday there could be an injunction that could stop DACA renewals," Rendon said. "For today, people can apply and we're helping everyone who comes through our doors."

"It does take toll on us," Mondragon said. "Sometimes you can't really look at the news because it gets us upset. I can't really look at the news because it makes me cry and depressed again."

In addition to the uncertainty, there is the waiting. Mondragon and the other applicants will wait months to find out if their DACA renewals are granted.

Mondragon is scheduled to start her nursing program in next year.

Until then she says she will continue working, saving money and practicing her Spanish in case she is deported to Mexico, a country she has never visited.
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