DWTS pros 'Maks & Val: Stripped Down' tour makes stop at Chicago's Athenaeum Theatre

ByHosea Sanders and Marsha Jordan WLS logo
Thursday, July 29, 2021
Dancing with the Stars pros 'Maks & Val: Stripped Down' tour makes stop at Chicago's Athenaeum Theatre
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Dancing with the Stars pros Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy are touring with their own show that includes a stop at Chicago's Athenaeum Theatre.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The brothers Chmerkovskiy emerged as fan favorites on Dancing with the Stars. Maks and Val are now touring with their own show including a stop at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood.

"The city of Chicago is a very dynamic city, it's very rich in culture and bravado and character and charisma and that would probably be the description of this show," said Val Chmerkovskiy.

"We take the medium that we love the most that we're most comfortable in, dance, and we combine elements of theater and human emotion, roller coaster this is the type of show we're bringing," said Maks Chmerkovskiy.

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The show is called Maks & Val: Stripped Down and it brings you closer to the boys then ever before.

"There's a great spirit about it in the show alongside all the banter and laughter and comedy of actually stripping down...

Time is passing, my man is getting older, can he deliver, especially a stripped down show," said Val.

And the pair said they do not forget where they come.

"We're two kids that were born on another side of the world, we immigrated to New York, and then ultimately finding our way to a reality dance show in Hollywood - that's a big transition and we're proud of that - we're proud of that The Maks and Val brand is a chance for us to step away and create a lane and a tone that's a little different it's just a little different, it's jazz compared to pop," said Val.

Dishing on Dancing with the Stars, the duo what it's like to first meet the celebrity they're partnered with. .

"Honestly, I think I have the best partner every single season, I've ever been on, some people call it arrogance I call it pride in my teammate," said Val.

"I definitely, a couple times, met somebody, we have no shot, we have no shot," said Makx.

Maks, who is now a father, says he using his dance skills in parenting.

"I have somebody looking at me trying to be me probably, hopefully, so the product I put out has to be something that sets the example," Maks Said.

The brother joked about what to expect from the show.

"I'm definitely going to take my pants off," said Max.

"No one's taking their pants off, You're going to walk out a little bit happier," Val said.

"If I take my pants off - no no," joked Max.

Tickets for Thursday night's show can be purchased HERE