Florida couple stabbed to death during Bike Week picked at random, prosecutors says

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida -- The Florida state attorney's office said a grand jury has formally indicted Jean Macean on two counts of premeditated first-degree murder for what prosecutors are calling a "gruesome and random attack."

"These were brutal, vicious, violent murders," said State Attorney R.J. Larizza.

Larizza announced new charges against Macean Tuesday, thanking law enforcement for their work in tracking him down.

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"The Daytona Beach Police Department, during the peak of Bike Week, was able to marshal the resources, along with community support, to be able to identify a suspect," Larizza said.

Macean is accused of stabbing married couple, Terry and Brenda Aultman, to death as they walked home from Bike Week back on March 6.

Larizza said a motive remains unclear but they believe Macean chose the Aultmans at random, WESH reported.

"These two victims were picked at random and, of course, during one of the peak tourist events in Daytona Beach -- which made it even more troubling," Larizza said.

Prosecutors don't know if
"We were able to seize, not just knives and other sharp instruments, but clothing and other things that we think forensically will help us build our case," Larizza said.

The state attorney said he has not decided if he will pursue the death penalty in this case. He said he wants to talk with the victim's family and law enforcement officials first.