2 deer hang out in North Center backyard

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Monday, June 6, 2016
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Two deer camped out for several hours at a home on the north side.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Two deer camped out in the backyard of a house in the 1900 block of West Cuyler in the North Center neighborhood for several hours Monday morning.

Bambi and friend appeared just in time for kids walking to school.

"Neighbors were helping out, stopping slowing down the traffic and keeping pedestrians away. We tried to keep them calm, then they suddenly jumped my fence, where I live, the next thing I know they were in the backyard," said Ray Carroll.

The deer spent much of the day in Carroll's backyard. He put a garbage can in the back to prevent the animals from going into the alley, which is close to two busy streets, Irving Park and Damen.

"My concern is they are going to cause a crash and that is the only time anyone will help," said Carroll.

Carroll called Animal Control but was told there is not much it could because deer are protected in Illinois. In addition, Animal Control say the animals have a slim chance of survival if they are tranquilized and relocated.

"Probably best option is to let them roam, I don't think there are any good answers. They're just going to have to do their thing," said neighbor Tam Dillman.

That is exactly what the deer did. Eight hours after being stuck in Carroll's backyard, the deer left the same way they came. They jumped the fence, strolled down the sidewalk and into street, startling people and cars along the way.

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