DeKalb police release new footage after viral video appears to show cops choke, Taser man

DEKALB, Ill. (WLS) -- DeKalb police are sharing new footage of a marijuana possession arrest after a cell phone video captured what appears to be officers choking and using a Taser on a man.

An investigation is underway after the video of 25-year-old Elonte McDowell was posted to social media following his arrest last Saturday.

Police released dashcam video Sunday, showing that there were at least four officers involved in McDowell's arrest.

Police said that McDowell tried to flee while officers were attempting to detain the man after pulling him over on Annie Glidden Road near Lincoln Highway. Officers then pinned McDowell to the ground and used a Taser on him.

McDowell said he was not trying to flee and that officers also put him in a chokehold.

McDowell is heard on a video recorded by his girlfriend saying that he's unable to breathe. His girlfriend was in the passenger seat when McDowell was pulled over.

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"He has a pulse right?" she cries in the video. "Can you guys make sure he has a pulse, 'cause look at his face."

Her video shows officers on top of McDowell.

"I got choked and tased, in that order," McDowell said. "Choked, and then tased. The Taser? They didn't need the Taser."

McDowell said police had no reason to detain him or to use force.

He said he was in a great deal of pain.

"The same energy and force they used that day, I want justice to be served, to the highest extent," McDowell said.

In a statement about McDowell's arrest, the DeKalb Police Department said a "felony amount of cannabis was found."

Illinois passed a law four years ago banning excessive force, such as chokeholds, in specific situations.

An investigation by Illinois State Police is ongoing. The DeKalb officer involved has been temporarily reassigned during the investigation.
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