VIDEO: Alligator bites man during Old Town Spring festival demonstration

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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An alligator bit a man at the Old Town Spring Festival

OLD TOWN SPRING, Tex. -- An alligator trainer is recovering after a gator bit him during a demonstration at the Texas Crawfish and Music Festival Saturday in Old Town Spring.

Monique Gongora's video shows the tense moments before and the chaotic scene after the gator latched onto one of the men taking part in the demonstration.

The trainer is with Gator Country out of Beaumont.

"He didn't even get one stitch," said owner Gary Saurage. "But I guarantee this. He's sore this morning. He won't make this mistake again."

Saurage says the alligator bit the trainer because of miscommunication.

"They didn't talk to each other right. The guy in front says, 'Are you ready?' The guy in back thought he said, 'Go.' We're humans and what we do is get complacent sometimes," Saurage explained.

Gongora says there were more than 100 people watching when the gator attacked.

"Who wouldn't be afraid of an alligator, right?" she laughed. "But I'd rather stay away from them and just watch them on TV from now on."