Bears Blog 9-16-15

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

CHICAGO (WLS) -- When Jared Allen popped in game tape to prep for Arizona, he was shocked how eerily similar the Cardinals QB looked to Aaron Rodgers. "His name's Carson Palmer, not Aaron Rodgers so by birth, they're different. But when you're talking talent they're both 1-0 and they both looked pretty good on Sunday," Allen said.

Palmer is the next QB the Bears new look defense is targeting, with the focus on improved pass rush that didn't land so much as a hit on Aaron Rodgers in week one. Allen takes that personally.

But if anyone can give them insight into disrupting Palmer, it's Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio who spent the last 4 seasons regularly facing Arizona in the NFC West. He is the expert and has been repeated praised for his ability to teach. The challenge for this group is not over thinking their assignment and playing on instinct. Fangio said he didn't notice a lot of that against the Packers, but knows there is much improvement to be made.

That's true in all 3 phases for this team. The Bears may have looked better than expected in defeat, but it was still a loss, to their biggest rival. Martellus Bennett summed it up, "We're not here to be competitive... the ultimate goal is victories." That may sound obvious, but not getting blown out by the Packers almost felt like reason to celebrate- I even felt like throwing a "Moral Victory Parade". I know... ridiculous!

By their own admission, this Bears team has no identity and John Fox is still looking for play makers to emerge. Long road ahead. So as cliche as it sounds, let's all agree to take it one game at a time. Focus on seeing improvement and stop giving high fives for participation.