Dog drags garden hose into house creating his own water park

BRIGHTON, Calif. (WLS) -- A mischievous dog is caught on camera dragging a garden hose into his California home and spraying water everywhere.

Winston, the boxer is seen sneaking the hose in through a magnetic screen door.

His owners say Winston loves to prop up the spray nozzle with his paws and shoot water into the air. And that's exactly what he did, unbeknownst to his owner, who was just outside in the garden.

At one point you can see the couple's other dog, Norman, watching the whole thing go down. But it's quite clear Norman wants nothing to do with it, and quickly skips out.

This isn't Winston's only clever move.

The 2-year-old pup is apparently a counter-surfer as well. His owners say he can get up on the counter and take all the French toast off a plate. But he's courteous. He makes sure to put the lid back on the plate.

Check out the mess he left behind.

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