Downers Grove cheerleading team holds fundraiser for Sofia Sanchez, 11, who got heart transplant

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Thursday night a suburban cheerleading team held a fundraiser for a teammate made famous for two wishes granted: a visit from Drake and a new heart.

Drake stopped by Sofia Sanchez's hospital room as she waited patiently for a heart transplant. Now she's got that new heart and her friends cannot wait to have her back on the sideline, cheering with all of them.

It's no secret the girl who is friends with Drake is now recovering from a heart transplant. Now Sofia's friends want to help her too.

The community came together to raise money for Sofia's family. Cookies, donuts, and muffins were all on sale.

"I'm really happy I think this is a good idea and she's going to be really happy and excited to see," Aubrey Chiarelli, friend.

"I think it's great that a community can come together this little girl, I think it's amazing that they're doing this for her," said Olivia Oertel, friend.

Sofia's cheer team, part of the Bill George Youth Football League, wrote well wishes on signs, flexing Sofia strong for a young lady whose story is now national.

"That video was just like you could not help but just start bawling her reaction to that was, I just have goosebumps," said Jasmine Glover, cheer coach.

Sofia's friends are now adding a new chapter to her story.

"I feel really good about it, I think we are going to get a lot of money because I know a lot of people love her," said Gianna Bocconcelli, best friend.

Sofia's doctors said they're amazed by her recovery so far. She's breathing on her own and she was talking to her friends on Facetime during Thursday night's event. Her dad said she's up and walking, too.

But her recovery will take some time. Her family is hopeful she'll be home in time for Thanksgiving.
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