Actress Toni Collette talks about inspirational story in new movie 'Dream Horse'

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "Dream Horse" tells the true story of a racing champion who carried the hopes of a village across the finish line!

Hosea Sanders talks to Toni Collette about playing the woman whose hopes and imagination made it all happen.

Jan gets her little town invested in a horse she's certain can become a winner. They all believe Dream can go all the way and take them along for the ride!

Sanders: "I love this film - and it's such a fairy tale, it's hard to believe it's really true. This really happened."

Collette: "I love it, too. Actually, I find it really inspirational that this hardworking, humble woman - who has a very simple life - has a dream and has the passion to follow it and ends up changing not only her life, but the entire community and country. The horse goes on to do amazing things."

Sanders: "Do you like horses? Is that what attracted you to this project or was it just the story itself?"

Collette: "I love all creatures, great and small but it was the story. It's definitely the story, but I couldn't help but fall in love with the horse. The horse that I did most of the acting with was a horse called Beau and I just absolutely loved him. I felt so connected to him. He really listened and it's not just in my mind, the entire crew could see it."

Sanders: "Everybody's hoping for something different. A different dream that they come together in this. I love the way you guys did this."

Collette: "It's so pure of heart. I think of all the films I've ever made, it probably has the biggest heart. It's just beautiful."

Sanders: "I was uplifted, really uplifted and I wanna say thank you for that!"

Collette: "You know what, that's the best compliment we could ever receive so thank you for telling me that, and I'm glad that we did that for you."

"Dream Horse" opens Friday.
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