The best and worst cities to drive in according to WalletHub

Chicago leaves much to be desired when it comes driving.

The Windy City was named the tenth-worst U.S. city to drive in on a new WalletHub list published Tuesday.

The personal finance website compared the 100 largest cities across four key dimensions: cost of ownership and maintenance, traffic and Infrastructure, safety and access to vehicles and maintenance.

It's a lot to take in when considering drivers annually spend an average of more than 290 hours on the road. That's equivalent of a seven-week vacation. Add the costs of wasted time and fuel due to traffic congestion, and WalletHub's collective tab comes to about $124 billion annually, or $1,700 per household.

Raleigh, North Carolina was named the best city to drive in. Detroit was named the worst.

Best Cities for Driving

1 Raleigh, NC
2 Corpus Christi, TX
3 Orlando, FL
4 Greensboro, NC

5 Plano, TX
6 Winston-Salem, NC
7 Durham, NC
8 El Paso, TX
9 Jacksonville, FL
10 Tampa, FL

Worst Cities for Driving

91 Chicago, IL
92 Los Angeles, CA

93 Newark, NJ
94 New York, NY
95 Boston, MA
96 Seattle, WA
97 Philadelphia, PA
98 Oakland, CA
99 San Francisco, CA
100 Detroit, MI
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