20 graduate from Cook co. drug court rehab

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There was a special graduation Thursday for 20 men and women who have made life-changing steps to remain drug free.

They took part in a Cook County drug court rehabilitation program.

No caps and gowns, but graduation none the less.

This ceremony of Cook County Drug Court Rehabilitative Alternative Probation program -- symbolizing two years of sobriety and recovery and a future likely free of drug use, crime and jail.

The ceremony marks the completion of mandatory treatment and counseling; in return, their drug charge is dropped.

Many have battled addiction for years, like Levester J. He leaves behind a 30-year heroin addiction to work, get to know his grandchildren and repair relationships with his children and wife.

Veronica J battled addiction her whole life. Now sober, she is working toward a degree and being reunited with her children.

Drug Court has graduated over one 1,000 people, the majority have had success.

Eighty-four percent of graduates five years out have stayed clean and out of trouble.

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