Holiday surprise for 2 boys who lost mother to gun violence

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A holiday surprise for two young boys who lost their mother to gun violence in Chicago. They received a surprise shopping spree from the owner of a local towing company on Friday.

On Friday, Artez and Arnez jones were treated to a Walmart Christmas shopping spree courtesy of W&W Towing owner, Earl Walker.

"In today's society, our young men, you know, they already have it tough enough and to see and hear about their mom and what happened a day before Thanksgiving, it was horrible," said Earl Walker.

Last month, the boys' mother 30-year-old Sharine Catchings was found shot to death in a parked car behind a home in Chicago's Pullman neighborhood.

"When I heard this story and heard it was two young black men I had to step up, I felt like it was my duty," said Walker.

Now, the boys are being raised by their grandmother who held back tears watching her grandchildren go through each aisles picking out items on their Christmas list.

"It means a whole lot cause I don't know which way we were gonna go. It's my baby," said Emma Catchings, the boys' grandmother.

Walker spared no expense, allowing the two boys to take home whatever they wanted.

"Now she'd be running around telling me, 'Mama I don't know what I am going to get those boys they're just like me, they're getting big, their feets big,'" said Catchings.

We asked 10-year-old Arnez Jones what his mother would think about their Christmas surprise

"She would be proud, happy that we are happy," said Arnez Jones.

And while nothing can replace their mom, Walker hoped this little token of charity would give the boys and their family a little extra hope this Christmas season.

"Thank you to the people took the time to help us," said Arnez.
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