Girl, 17, struck by gunfire in East Chicago while driving

EAST CHICAGO, Ind. (WLS) -- East Chicago police said a 17-year-old girl was struck and seriously injured by gunfire Thursday evening.

Police said officers in the area of the 4800-block of Walsh heard gunfire around 5:45 p.m. When they arrived at the scene they found the 17-year-old girl with a gunshot wound to the side of her face.

Police said they were able to establish that the girl was driving when she was struck by gunfire, which caused her to crash into a parked car. Police do not believe she was the intended target.

The girl was able to make it out of the car and tried to get to a nearby family member's home, but collapsed on the sidewalk, police said. She was taken to Northlake Hospital in Gary in serious condition. She was then transferred to a hospital in Chicago for further treatment.

Police said only one person was injured but another car parked across the street from the crash was also damaged by gunfire.

An investigation is ongoing. No one is currently in custody.
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