CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson surprises domestic violence survivor, 6 kids with gifts

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson surprised a domestic abuse survivor and her family to some holiday cheer Thursday.

In January, Romance Martin was shot 11 times by her then-boyfriend, Mario Scott, while her six children were home.

She said he had been emotional and verbally abusive, but that night was the first time he had attempted physical violence.

"The next thing I knew, I was standing in front of the sink, and I saw it happening, but I didn't feel it," Martin said of the incident.

Scott is currently in custody and awaiting trial for attempted murder.

"I felt like my heart was beating for my kids, so there was no way I could go out," Martin said.

Martin and her kids are currently scattered and living with different relatives, but she hopes to have her own place and everyone back together in the new year.

Martin has since recovered physically, and is still working on her emotional and mental well-being. But when the Superintendent of Chicago Police showed up Thursday, she and her kids didn't know what was in store.
"It doesn't just make Christmas better, it makes everything better," Martin said.

Past Christmases weren't like this, with few surprises and not much to celebrate.
Martin is grateful for Johnson's generosity for her kids.

And for those who may be dealing domestic violence this Christmas, Martin offered some advice.

"Whatever you in is it healthy for you...be confident walking away," Martin said. "I'm 33 and I'm just now learning that good things are okay."

If you're not confident walking away, Martin suggested finding someone to help you do so.

One resource is the Domestic Violence Hotline at (877) 863-6338. The hotline is available 24/7 and is free, confidential and multilingual.

Local organizations offering help to domestic violence survivors can also be found here.
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