CPS lays off 62 employees as part of midyear budget cuts

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Less than a month after Chicago Public Schools principals were ordered to make mid-year budget cuts, CPS announced Monday that 62 employees received layoff notices, including 17 teachers.

The eliminated staff included 43 full-time employees and 19 part-time employees, according to a CPS press release.

"The fact that these cuts needed to happen in the first place is unfortunate for our principals, teachers and - most of all - our students," said CPS CEO Forrest Claypool in a statement. "Our objective is to secure fair funding for our students, bring Illinois up from last in the country for education funding and work with Springfield to start treating students in poverty fairly, so our students get the education they deserve. These painful cuts are not what we want to do, but they are critical to keeping our school doors open."

Principals were ordered Feb. 9 to make about $85 million in cuts to their budget.
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