Grandmother, 62, graduates from Chicago State University

CHICAGO -- A 62-year-old grandmother of six graduated Thursday from Chicago State University, turning one of her dreams into a reality.

It's game night at grandma's house, with blocks, babies and a tasty taco spread. But Elaine Jones-Scott is not your typical grandmother. She earned her bachelor's degree in psychology and counseling from Chicago State.

"I always wanted my degree. Always. I felt that having my degree meant that I could make my way in this world," Jones-Scott told Good Morning America's Robin Roberts.

At 18, Jones-Scott was young, rebellious and eager to leave her parent's house. So she dropped out of high school to marry her first love, Larry Scott, and start a family.

"Once I got married, then of course I had a husband that was pretty much taking care of myself and my family, so I didn't need to work," Jones-Scott said.

The marriage ended after 18 years. Then she was on her own, with four children to support.

"I had no education. I was unable to be employed because for the jobs that I wanted, you needed an education," Jones-Scott said.

She had to focus on providing for her children, so she took a job to make ends meet. She put her education goals on hold, but never lost sight of her dream.

"It was 15 years later that I left the company that I was with. I decided at that time that I wanted to go back to school. A lot of times, people that are my age, 60 and 70 years old, are getting ready for retirement. Not so for me," Jones-Scott said.

After four years on campus, she has become a surrogate grandmother to many.

"At 62 years old, I am still viable. I realize that there is so much more that I can give," Jones-Scott said.

She is a certified deaconess at her church. Her work there pushed her to want to become a professional counselor.

"Ultimately, I want to use my counseling skills to help young people. I hope to inspire people that their dreams can still be realized," Jones-Scott said.
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