Several CPS principals quit

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The state's budget crisis is a reason cited by several Chicago Public Schools principals for leaving their jobs. (WLS)

The state's budget crisis is a reason cited by several Chicago Public Schools principals for leaving their jobs.

Two principals talked to ABC7 about their reasons for leaving.

In his five years as principal at Foreman College and Career Academy on the far Northwest side, Daniel Zimmerman is proud of the academic achievements his high school has made.

Yet, the CPS principal has decided to move out of state. Zimmerman says the difficult decision to resign was mainly motivated by the state budget crisis.

"It's just a really frustrating situation with a lot of people who don't seem to be putting students first and that's what really makes me sad," said Principal Daniel Zimmerman.

Zimmerman joins dozens of other CPS principals who are calling it quits this year, including the principal of the city's largest high school, Lane Tech. Kathryn Anderson has accepted a job in the suburbs. So has the principal of Lakeview High School.

Lane Tech principal resigns

While CPS officials say the resignation numbers are no different from years past, there is concern.

"The lack of funding from Springfield, the lack of equal funding, the lack of certainty obviously puts us at risk of losing top talent," said CPS CEO Forrest Claypool.

Elected to become the Head of the Principal's Association, Troy LaRaviere says to keep good talent, CPS must do its part as well

"If CPS is serious about gettng more money from state, then they would be serious about putting in the fiscal controls that are necessary to ensure that downstate lawmakers will trust CPS," said LaRaviere.

La Shawn Ray is also leaving, but the Palmer Elementary principal says his decision to move out of state is for family reasons only.

Ray, who is a successful product of CPS, is sad to leave behind a school system that is in financial distress. He says it doesn't help when a governor calls some CPS schools crumbling prisons.

"I think he owes the city of Chicago and the kids of Chicago and the teachers and everybody an apology, quite frankly, because it is hurtful," said Principal Ray.

It was yesterday when Governor Bruce Rauner made comments comparing some Chicago public schools to prisons. CPS says between resignations and retirements, 54 principals are leaving the district this year. Last year the total was 46.

However, some principals feel that number is going to go up. They are hearing that there are more principals that are going to resign this year, so that number could increase.
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