South Side girl, inventor earns $5K check on 'Strahan, Sara and Keke'

CHICAGO (WLS) -- In case you missed it, Chicago is proud of 8-year-old inventor Kailey McGuire from the South Side.

She was invited to "Strahan, Sara and Keke" to show off her "Kids Fun Portable Sink."

McGuire won an invention contest at her South Side school with a design for a portable sink. She said there was one time she was at the beach and wanted to eat some potato chips, but ran into a problem.

"I had just finished playing in the sand but there was nowhere to wash my hands nearby," she said. "Then I thought, what if I had a sink I could carry with me to wash my hands and eat the snacks?"

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To make their concept a reality, the girls came up with three prototypes, documenting their extensive research in a binder.

They created the sink so they'd have a way to keep their hands clean on-the-go.

McGuire showed Michael Strahan how to use it.

She and other "kidventors" featured on Friday's show also got a nice surprise.

Entrepreneur and investor Kim Perrell presented each of them with checks for $5,000.
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