Elderly woman beaten, robbed in targeted Galewood home invasion, police say

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Residents on the West Side are being warned after police say an elderly woman was beaten during a targeted home invasion during the day.

"One of our precious seniors was accosted in a very violent manner in her residence," said Chicago Police Commander Anthony Escamilla.

Police said the 79-year-old woman who lives on North Natchez near West Wabansia was outside, in broad daylight, tending to her yard when they believe she was targeted.

"She was accosted in her residence," Escamilla said. "She was out in the yard gardening and came back in. At that time, she encountered an intruder in her residence."

"It's like prey," said neighbor Dennis Jacob. "That's exactly what it was."

Inside the house, which investigators have declined to identify, police said the intruder attacked.

"He held her down on the bed, hit her in the face one time, broke her glasses. She has bruises on her arm," Jacob said.

"As he went to get the valuables she was able to make her escape and get out in the yard, and call on citizens and neighbors to help her," Escamilla said.

While the woman recovers, police and Galewood residents are walking the streets together, passing out flyers of the alleged attacker's description and putting their fellow residents on high alert.

"To let the criminals know, we're watching. If we see something we're going to say something," said resident Bobbi Ward.

Police said they have a good description of the attack, but are trying to work with residents to see if any home surveillance video captured the suspect.

Police said among the things the intruder stole were the woman's coin collection and the wedding ring off her finger.
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