Englewood Police/Youth Baseball League kicks off 5th season

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It's opening night for a growing summertime tradition on Chicago's South Side.

The Englewood Police/Youth Baseball League kicked off its fifth season Thursday evening at Hamilton Park in Englewood. The program, in which about 120 children will participate this summer, is holding its first two games on two baseball diamonds in the park.

The program is for kids eight to 10 years old and is completely free. The children are provided with a full uniform and meet once a week for friendly games. They are coached by Chicago police officers and members of the community.

The league is an effort to give kids on the South Side a positive outlet to channel their energy into over the summer, and help keep them off the streets.

"I think it's going to give him more opportunity for sports in general, try new things and hopefully progress and become successful at baseball," said Brittany Wilson, whose son is a player.

The program has thusfar been a success and grown each year. The league is funded by charities and will hold games throughout the summer.
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