3rd annual DOC10 Film Festival to be held in Lincoln Square

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The third annual DOC10 Film Festival will be held April 5 - 8 at the Davis Theatre in Lincoln Square. Founded by the Chicago Media Project, the all documentary film festival showcases ten films and hosts discussions with filmmakers and special guests after the screenings.

"Won't You Be My Neighbor," the documentary about Mister Fred Rogers, will open the festival.

DOC10 Film Festival
Date: April 5th - 8th, 2018
Hours: Screening times vary
Address: The Davis Theatre, 4614 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago

Admission/ Ticket Prices: $16 adults, $12 students
Is this open to the public? Yes
For more information about the festival and to buy tickets visit: http://www.doc10.org
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