4-Star Chicagoan: Nancy Economou, of Watts of Love

CHICAGO -- This week's 4-Star Chicagoan is a local woman who is making a difference around the world. Watts of Love founder, Nancy Economou, stopped by to share the importance of bringing light to third world countries and the global impact her organization is making.

Watts of Love is a global solar lighting nonprofit bringing people the power to raise themselves out of the darkness of poverty. One in five people worldwide lack access to basic electricity, often relying on toxic and costly kerosene or other fossil fuels to light the night. Emissions from these forms of deadly fuel destroy the upper respiratory system and are responsible for millions of pre-mature deaths each year. The most vulnerable victims are women and their children who quickly develop chronic respiratory illness and are susceptible to devastating burn injuries while trying to study or work at night. Watts of Love is committed to empowering those in need by building a better future through safe, renewable and life changing solar lighting devices.

Nancy Economou and her husband John are the founders of Watts of Love, which was founded in 2012 following a business trip to the Philippines where she first discovered the drastic need for safe and renewable lighting. As a mother of five boys, Nancy was compelled to equip vulnerable families to help raise them out of a continuous cycle of poverty. Nancy has made it her mission to deliver light and love to the poorest of the poor worldwide. Prior to forming Watts of Love, Nancy sold high-end jewelry at Cartier Jewelers in Chicago. Nancy is an active member of her church, as well as an advocate for raising families out of poverty around the world.

To learn more or make a donation, visit Watts of Love: http://www.wattsoflove.org/

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