'American Idol' auditions to be held Monday in Chicago

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Thousands are expected to line up Monday at McCormick Place in Chicago for a chance to audition for "American Idol," hosted again by Ryan Seacrest and airing on ABC7.

"Up here in Chicago we're going to get a lot of the old school blues, the old school rock, which is always great because Chicago is unlike any other place in the country. We want them to show off their stuff. People in Chicago are not shy," said Patrick Lynn, senior supervising producer.

Inside McCormick Place, seven tables are set up with a producer at each. Singers stand in front of a table and perform at the same time as all the others.

"You've got to remember you've got people singing behind you, around you, It's gonna be loud, unnerving but that's what it is. It's like being on stage as it were. So if this is your thing, come on out," Lynn said.

And there are three things to remember.

"A good song they can sing, sing it well and perform it well," Lynn said. "Those are the three main things you are going to need. A lot of people come and they sing well but they don't perform well. If you are going to stand there with your hands in your pockets, looking at the ground like a bump on a log - you are not going to make it on 'Idol.' We want people who are going to perform. Look at Jennifer Hudson she was amazing when she tried out, we want everyone to be amazing as well."

If you plan to audition, you must be a U.S. resident and between the ages of 15 and 28. Bring an ID and for those under age 18, bring a parent or legal guardian.
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