'Bachelor in Paradise' premieres

NEW YORK -- Tulum, Mexico is the setting where several "Bachelor" and "Bachelorettes" hope to find love on "Bachelor in Paradise". It's a brand new show on ABC and the latest addition to the "Bachelor" franchise family.

The first person on the island was Clare from Juan Pablo's season, Marcus from Andi's season, Sarah from Sean's season, Marquel from Andi's season, Daniella from Sean's season, Graham from DeAnna's season, Lacy from Juan Pablo's season, Ben from Desiree's season, Michelle from Jake's season, Robert from Desiree's season, Dylan from Andi's season, Elise from Juan Pablo's season (who said she had love at first sight with Dylan), and AshLee from Sean's season.

Chris Harrison announced to the group that they will all get the chance to go on romantic dates. Whoever gets a card will get to invite whoever they want to on that particular date. If you aren't part of a couple, you get sent home. All the guys are safe this week, and whichever of the 7 ladies doesn't get a rose will be sent home. It will flip flop each week.

Then, the 13 singles headed into their "Bachelor in Paradise" pad. It was beautiful! They of course, even had a beachside pool and hot tub. They were all talking about who they wanted to talk to and meet and were trying to stake their claims early. Lacy just doesn't want to get sent home first again so she grabbed Robert and headed into the water. She wasted no time wrapping her arms and legs all over him. Sarah was really uncomfortable about how forward she was.

Marcus was out on the beach lamenting his loss of Andi because he was just a few weeks off of his breakup. Marcus went into the ocean his tight swimsuit and Lacy ran out after him to try to get as many guys to like her as possible. She's going to end up alienating them! Robert was a little jealous, so he went up to her right after she got out of the ocean and decided to talk to her more so that Marcus couldn't get the upper hand on him. He told her that he wasn't that into any of the other girls. He really seems to like her despite her ocean antics.

The first date card went to Clare! "Choose a date for this first date in paradise, it's impossible to ruin this day." Clare decided to pick Graham to go to the ruins with. AshLee was devastated! She really, really likes Graham. She sulked away and said that she was mad at Graham for going on the date and said she would never do that to him. Elise had one of the quotes of the night where she said: "Does this make me want to pursue Graham more? Not exactly, I don't want to get murdered in my sleep."

Then AshLee called Clare a slut, said she wasn't pretty, and commented that she had even slept with Juan Pablo. Poor Clare started crying because she felt bad about creating drama. Clare attempted to talk to AshLee and even asked if she would like the date with Graham. She said that if she wouldn't take it, she would just ask another guy. She told Graham the situation and he was very gracious about it. Then Clare went over to Robert and asked him.

Graham called AshLee over and said that he wanted to talk and she declined. She said she would talk to him later. Graham said it was weird that her feelings were hurt after he just met her 18 hours ago. I agree, that's weird.

Clare said that she knows Robert from previous "Bachelor" parties and get togethers. So, they went for a walk through the ruins. Robert somehow got covered in fire ants and Clare was like, quick, take off your clothes! So he did! Robert said that he was having a great time with her! He seems like such a thoughtful and sensitive guy. I see potential for the two of them, but what about Lacy?

Marcus and Lacy talked about how their love lives were a little slow, and then Lacy threw in a little, "Oh your eyes are so blue." He seemed to blush at that and totally seems to be into her to.

Sarah got a date card! It read, "Choose a man to accompany you on a date, look before you leap." She asked Marcus if he would go on a date. He agreed and Lacy got totally jealous. They went to a cave in their bathing suits and when they got to the bottom, it was a magical looking oasis! They jumped off a big ledge into the water and seemed to have a fun time. Sarah even went in for a kiss and it seemed to be really romantic.

Lacy cried when talking to Robert. She wanted to know if he and Clare kissed. He told her he would be honest with her if they had. She's really trying to keep Robert and Marcus in her web. Then, surprise Michelle Money walked into "Bachelor in Paradise"! That meant two girls were going to be eliminated this week. Also, she is super good friends (or maybe more) with Graham. So now everyone will probably hate her.

Michelle got a date card right off the bat and she asked Graham to go talk. She says that they fell in love on "Bachelor Pad" but then it fell apart. She still didn't ask him on a date though. I think she pulled him aside to strategize. So, in the meantime, AshLee went and found Graham and tried to make up with him. He accepted her apology, but it seems he's ruling out romance with her.

Michelle went up to Marquel and asked him if he would go on the date with her and he said yes! They saddled up on some horses and took a romantic ride along the beach. Then, they stripped down and jumped into the ocean. Michelle said they had a great time!

Lacy got a date card...who will she choose, Robert or Marcus? The date card said "Get ready for a romantic night under the stars". She chose Robert! They walked down towards the beach where a table was waiting for their date. Marcus was lamenting back at the house. He was very upset that she chose Robert instead. Robert said to Lacy that he hoped this would be the first of many dates. After dinner, they went into the ocean and made out.

Sarah has a chat with Marcus about his rose. It was really hard for her because Marcus told her that he's interested in Lacy. Ouch. He kissed her! Talk about leading a girl on! He assumes that Lacy will get a rose from Robert though so, he basically says he will probably save her. She did say to him though that she thinks he should give his rose to the girl he wants a romantic relationship with. We can't forget though that Robert might save Clare because they had a great date too.

During the rose ceremony, Marquel was about to make his choice when Michelle K. stated the obvious and said that she hasn't made a connection with anyone. She said she just wants to go home, Chris Harrison basically called her crazy and she went on her way. She was going to go home anyway. That's one out of the way. Marquel stepped back up, grabbed a rose and gave it to Michelle Money. Graham gave his rose to AshLee. Dylan gave a rose to Elise who is crazy and thinks she loves Dylan already. Marcus stepped up and he picked Lacy, despite his date with Sarah. He's head over heels for her. Robert seemed bothered by that of course. He thought it was a slap in the face that she accepted Marcus' rose. Robert gave his rose to Clare, his date buddy. Ben, who so far no one has paid any attention to, gets to give out the last rose. He gave it to sweet Sarah. That meant that Daniella was sent packing.

Next week, there's some kind of shocking hookup and someone jumps off a balcony. Later this season, Chris Bukowski shows up, someone has a girlfriend, and there's a big fight. We'll have to wait and see how it all goes down!
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